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Crystaderm First Aid Cream 15g

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Crystaderm cream 1%

Crystaderm is the strongest antibacterial available without prescription.
•    Crystaderm slowly releases Hydrogen Peroxide from lipid crystals in the cream onto the skin.
•    Preservative free.
•    Adheres to both moist and dry areas.
•    Cosmetically elegant to apply.

Crystaderm cream 1%

Special Features
Crystaderm cream is intended for topical application for the treatment of primary and secondary infections caused by organisms sensitive to Hydrogen Peroxide.

1.Crystaderm is not an antibiotic… but it works as well as one, Plus
•    You cannot develop resistance to Crystacide
•    It will keep on destroying bacteria no matter how often it is used.

2.Crystaderm Fights Skin Infections
•    Broad spectrum action (Gm+/Gm-) fighting bacteria, fungi and some viruses
•    Prevents infection in:
•    Cuts and Scrapes
•    School Sores (impetigo)
•    Infected body piercing’s, insect bites and burns
•    No statistical difference between Crystacide and Fusidic Acid. Multicenter trial involving 650 patients with impetigo.

3.Mild to Moderate Acne
•    Crystaderm is clinically proven to be as effective as Benzoyl Peroxide in Acne.
4.Well tolerated…
•    Significantly less redness (Erythema) is seen with Crystaderm compared to Benzoyl Peroxide.

Crystaderm cream 1%

Hydrogen Peroxide 1.0%(w/w). 1g of Cream contains 10mg of Hydrogen Peroxide at a concentration of 1%.


Adults, Elderly and, Children: After cleansing the wound, Crysatide cream is applied 2-3 times daily on the affected skin area. The treatment period should not exceed 3 weeks. A dry film will appear on the skin after application, this can be washed off with water.

Adverse Effects

Crystaderm is generally well tolerated and not associated with any serious side effects. However a mild sensation of burning may be experienced for a short time after application.

Crystadermcream 1%

Warning and Precautions
Contact with the eyes should be avoided.
Pregnancy and Lactation: To be used under medical guidance
Interaction with other medicaments and other forms of interaction: Crystadermcream is incompatible with iodine, permanganates and other strong oxidising agents.


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