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Active Ingredients: Naphazoline 500mcg/ml, antazoline phosphate 5mg/ml, polyvinyl alcohol 1.4mg/ml,benzalkonium chloride 0.04mg/ml.

Presentation: Eye drops 15ml.

Indications: Relief of red eyes from minor eye irritations .

Directions: Instil 1 drop in each eye three to four hourly, or as directed.

Contraindication: Hypersensitivity to any ingredient, narrow angle glaucoma or anatomically narrow angle. Do not use with soft contact lenses.

Precaution:  Prolonged use for more than 14 days is not recommended except on medical advice.

Adverse Effects: Pupil dilation, increased intraocular pressure, drowsiness, systemic effects if absorbed.

Medicne Classification: Pharmacy Only Medicine 

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