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Alpha Keri Supple Skin Shower & Body Oil 1 Litre

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Alpha Keri Oil is a completely water dispersible, bath and shower oil which lubricates the skin. The oil spreads evenly over the skin to create a moisture retaining barrier to protect againts dryness and irritations. The invisible film hydrates the skin and helps retain natural oils by preventing evapouration from its surface. The skin is left feeling soft and lubricated without feeling greasy. The Oil is anti-pruritc and because it cleanses there's no need to use harsh soaps which can aggravate dry skin conditions.

For use in the relief of atopic dermatitis, pruritic senilis, neurodermatitis, ichythyoasis, soap dermatitis, eczematous dermatitis and other conditions manifesting in dry, pruritic epidermis.

Infants: Prickly heay, nappy rash, atopic dermatitis and dry scaly skin. 

Special Features

  • Non-greasy formulation
  • Completely water dispersible
  • Revives, relieves and soothes itchy, dry, scaly skin, as well as mild skin irritations
  • Offers protection against the elements and helps prevent further damage
  • pH balanced (5.5) to restore skin equilibrium
  • Low irritancy fragrance & fragrance free formulations
  • Recommended for everyday use on the body
  • Suitable for the face


Best results are obtained by soaking for 10-20 minutes in a bath of water to which Alpha Keri Oil has been added.

Adults: Add 10-20mL to bath water;
Children: Add 5-10mL to half bath water;
Infants: Add 5mL to baby bath water;
After Shower: when still wet, gently rub 10-20mL over the entire body with a sponge or washcloth.

Important: The skin should be patted dry rather than rubbed to prevent the removal of the protective film that remains on the skin. 


Mineral oil and lanolin oil

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