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Anal Douche/enema Cleaning kit 300ml pump Bottle

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Anal Douche/enema Cleaning kit 300ml pump  Bottle

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Anal Douche/enema Cleaning kit 300ml pump  Bottle

Easy to use for maximum anal cleanliness. Easy to use for douching. The Flexible tip is not hard plastic, it is soft yet firm enough to do the job.

Cleans away bacteria and reduces the risk of infections


Fill bottle with water as per diagram below and use as directed

Douche filling instructions

  • To use in shower; Stand with feet apart.
  • To use in bathtub; Recline in tub, knees bent slightly apart.
  • To use on toilet; Lift one thigh while in seated position.
While maintaining one of the positions indicated:
  • Gently squeeze bulb to expel air.
  • Gently insert vaginal pipe into vagina.
  • Gently squeeze bulb to release liquid.
How to care for your product:
  •  After use, wash all components with a mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • Shake rinsed components free of water and dry with clean towel
  •  Let each part dry completely.
Material : ABS Size : 300 ml capacity The length of spray nozzle: 14cm Highth of bottle: 20cm Length of tube: 35cm Include : 1 douche kit
Keep rubber goods away from sharp instruments, radiators and other hot surfaces. Store in a dark, cool and dry place. Do not expose to sunlight for extended time. Carefully examine before each use. Warning: Use only plain water or commercially sold douche preparations recommended by physician in or on this product. Use of any-thing else may damage product or injure the individual.

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