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Benzac AC® 2.5% Acne Gel 50g

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Benzac AC® helps to clear acne like no other benzoyl peroxide. It is the only acne treatment that contains Acrylates Copolymer (AC) technology. 

Benzac Acne Gel 2.5%

  • The ideal acne treatment for teens and young adults, look good, feel great, reveal your real beauty,
  • stop facial scaring and face your daily life with confidence and without fear. Be your sexy self with Benzac AC® Acne Gel.
  • The treatment of choice recommended by dermatologists for mild to moderate Acne, why use the weak formula that have been popularised by informercials and TV stars.
  • Benzac AC® contains Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%, this is twice the strength of the informercial product which only contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and it dose not cost you an arm and a leg to buy it.
Benzac AC® Acne Gel works best with the Benzac AC 5% Acne Wash,

Benzac Acne Gel 2.5%

Special Features

1.Quick and effective antibacterial action
Benzac AC® is proven to reduce bacteria that causes acne by 94%, within 48 hours of commencing treatment.
2.Unblocks pores
Benzac AC® has a mild peeling effect (keratolytic) to help remove follicle plug.
3.Tough on Acne but gentle on skin
Benzac AC® contains a unique Acrylates Copolymer (AC) technology that absorbs excess oil, kills bacteria and does not excessively dry skin.
Benzac AC® gel releases glycerin which hydrates and promotes healthy skin.
4.Recommended by dermatologists


Apply up to twice daily to clean, dry affected skin.

Establish tolerance by applying once daily for 2 hours for the first 3 days then overnight for next 3 days.
Discontinue if severe irritation develops.

Benzac Acne Gel 2.5%

Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%

Adverse reactions: Mild burning, redness, peeling; dryness; allergic contact dermatitis

Benzac Acne Gel 2.5%

Warning and Precautions
Pregnancy, lactation (avoid application to chest).

Interactions: Drugs with desquamative, irritant, drying effects including cosmetics containing alcohol, abrasives,
medicated soaps.

Contraindications: Use at high altitudes, near snow covered ground; eye, mucous membrane contact.

Patient Information:
Avoid excess exposure to sun or UV light. May discolour or bleach hair, fabric.


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