Pharmac has effectively given Betaloc the boot, Betaloc is  the trade name for metoprolol,  a blood pressure and heart medicine that has been a trusted brand in New Zealand for over 2 decades. AFT- Metoprolol from AFT pharmaceutical, will be the sole supplier until June 2015. Although still available with extra part charge from June, Betaloc, will be deleted from the Pharmaceutical schedule in September 2012. Astrazeneca, the manufacturer of Betaloc, has not yet confirm the availability beyond September, for those customers who wish to remain on it and pay the non-subsidised price. 

Below a photo the two brands in comparison,

Betaloc vs AFT-Metoprolol

  Pharmac expect to save over $5 million dollars a year through this cost cutting measure.
With more than 50% of medicine now being awarded to generic companies you have to wonder where all the savings goes to and when will it stop. Lipitor is the next big brand in line to be replaced. 
  More details available from the Pharmac website