Eczema Flare-up without the steroids

Not everyone wants to use a corticosteroid cream for eczema, mainly for two reasons.
Primarly long term use can cause skin thinning and secondly it can not be use on broken skin but with eczema itching and
scratching is evitable especially in children.
So whats out there once you find your child's bed sheets is stained with blood from constant scratching like a cat clawing
on its scratcher.

QV Flare up Range

Eczema skin contains a high level of bacteria and once the skin barrier is broken from scratching it is suceptible to
infections. The QV Flare-up bath Oil have the following benefits,

•Dual action formula reduces the level of bacteria and helps prevent moisture loss.
• Calms irritated skin and reduces roughness and scaling.
• Leaves a thin film of occlusive oil on the skin, which helps to rehydrate skin.
• Suitable for recurrent eczema where secondary staphylococcus aureus infection is a problem.
• Prevents the itch-scratch cycle

Aveeno Dermexa Range

Aveeno has created oatmeal moisturiser that has been refered by a customer as "Holy Grail" for eczema.
Aveeno Dermexa Range has been formulated with triple oat technology. It Soothes and moisturises very dry, irritated skin.
Relief from discomfort and itching sensations associated with dry skin. It is suitable for babies from 3 months to adults.

Egoderm Ointment or cream

Anti-inflammatory and soothing. Contains Ichthammol and Zinc oxide which relieves the itchy,scratched or broken skin

Cold Tar

If you have eczema and scaly scalp conditions then Coco-scalp ointment and Sebitar shampoo is ideal. They both contain
coal tar as the active ingredient. Coal tar has keratolytic properties which means it stop the build up of excess skin
that causes the redness and itching.

At pharmacyonweb we have the best product to help clear eczema and flare ups, we are always constantly looking out for new
eczema treatment in the market to make sure we are selling the best products for your condition.