Mozzie protection

Summertime is great for holiday fun and relaxation but it is also high season for mosquitos and sandflies.

For those of us camping or travelling overseas to mosquito endemic countries where these blood sucking insects carry disease and viruses which can cause us harm such as dengue fever,west Nile viruses and malaria.

At pharmacyonweb we have a wide range of insect repellents such as Repel and Bushman to protect you and your family.

The World Health Organisationand Centre for Disease Control recommends that insect repellent should have DEET level of 30%-50% for optimum effects against these blood sucking insects.

For extra protection

Treating clothing with Permethrin is also a recommendation for those travelling to mosquito areas where the mosquito borne diseases are high. Treating clothing and mosquito nets can provide a complete protection when we are sleeping.