The long hot Indian summer temperature is hanging around but starting now symptoms of sniffly noses and early morning mucus in your respiratory tract is going to get worse if not treated.
Pharmacy onweb have top quality supplements and our pharmacist gives you the best advice to keep your body working properly this winter. 
These natural products such as Blackmores Hayfever and sinus, Goodhealth Viralex Max, Thompsons Immunofort adult formula, Sandersons Esterplex Vitamin-c and Gohealthy Vir-defence are just a few natural alternative for adults suffering from these nuisance symptoms. Children can also take Goodhealth viralex chews, Thompsons Immunofort Junior or use Clinicians Nasal clear Xylitol spray, Botanica hayfever Nasal gel. These natural remedies must be use regular to maintain optimum immune protections.
If natural formulas are not working then move to these pharmaceutical products, Flixonase or Beconase spray, antihistamines such as Telfast, Claratyne, Loraclear.
Once you have got these symptoms under control then move to Buccaline to innoculate yourself against winter bugs or get vaccinated with the Influenza vacine at your GP surgery. Remember protection is better then get cure.