Nail fungal infections

With summer on the way it is time to bring those colourful jandal’s, thongs and sandals out of the cupboard but wait some of us may have fungal nail infections. These fungal organisms are known scientifically as parasites or saprophytes meaning they live off living or dead matter. According to an individual person have between 10 – 20 %  chance of getting fungal nail infections in their lifetime.

Fungal nail infections are not life threatening but it does give the nail a horrible dead appearance to look at and it can be hard to treat.


Toe nail fungal infections are known as superficial fungal infections which affects the outer layers of the skin, the nails and the hair. The main group of fungi involved are usually the Dermatophytes, they survive on keratin for nutrition. There are 40 species of dermatophytes which are found living harmlessly on our human skin but sometimes these fungi can multiply and cause an infection. The changes in the skin environment can be a major factor which are warm, dark and moisture prone areas.

Tinea Unguium is the name given for fungal infection of the nails or by the flashier scientific name onychomycosis. Most nail fungal infections are caused by the spreading of Tinea pedis (athlete’s foot). The Toenails are much more commonly affected than fingernails.

Signs and symptoms

Thickening and distortion of the nail

Discolouration of the nail

Pain or discomfort

Brittle or crumbly nails

Treatments and preventions

Have good foot hygiene to prevent spreading to other people.

Your doctor may prescribed the following 2 common treatments

Antifungal tablets

Antifungal Nail paints which may encompass a softening agent such as urea to help the active ingredients to penetrate the nail itself.  Nail paints or varnish are the most popular treatment regime implemented by GPs.  Amorolfine nail lacquer, Ciclopirox and Bifonazole cream are just a few that is available on prescription or purchase over-the-counter

Laser Treatment, which can be expensive and usually reserve for severe cases

Even though Antifungal nail treatments are effective, the best ones are usually not subsidised or funded on a prescription. Buying antifungal nail treatments online or instore at Pharmacy Onweb is easy and we have the top brand such as Loceryl and Canesten nail treatment kit available. Everything you need is included in the kit including nail files and nail wipes so it is that simple to use so don’t get stuck with an ugly fungal nail which can be embarrassing to look at especially in public.