Importance of Vitamin D in mood control

  Researchers from the US found Vitamin D could improve mood swings during winter months when there is a lack of sunshine and more time spent indoors.

Vitamin D deficiency continues to be a problem despite a vast amount of information pointing to its benefits.

The recommended range of vitamin D level is 30-60ng/ml but many kiwis are well below the preferred range.

Sunlight being a natural source of Vitamin D is limited in winter and diet alone cannot provide sufficient amounts.

The researchers recommend this 3 combination to help your mood level and reduce other health risks

1.Adequate dietary Vitamin D intake (foods such as Salmon, Fish liver or Cod liver oil, beef liver and egg will provide good source of Vitamin D)

2. Exposure of sunlight

3. Supplements with Vitamin D2 or D3

The correlation between vitamin D, Blood sugar control, mood are being investigated. Increased insulin resistance is believe to be associated with Depression and diabetics have  a greater risk.

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