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Electral 50 Sachets (Orange Flavour)

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Electral 50 Sachets (Orange Flavour)

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Electral is used to treat and prevent Dehydration due to Diarrhoea and Traveller's Gastroenteritis in Adults and Children. How to use: 1. Empty a pack of Electral into a cup 2. Pour 200ml of cold water into the cup.For infants use boiled and cool water. 3. Stir well to dissolve completely. 4. Solution is ready for drinking. For Oral Rehydration (WHO Recommended Formula)
Each 4.4g sachet of oral powder contains: Anydrous Glucose BP 2.7g Sodium Chloride BP 0.52g Sodium Citrate BP 0.58g Potassium Chloride BP 0.3g
Use only as directed.If diarrhoea persists,seek medical advice.Store below 30 C.Protect from light and moisture.

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