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Vistil Forte eye drops 15ml (NOTE:EXPIRY IS 01/2020)

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Extra strength relief for severe dry,burning or irritated eyes Relief for all dry,irritated eyes,even with contact lenses Directions for use:Instil one drop into each eye as needed.Suitable for all types of contact lens wearers. Vistil Forte contains the OXYD a unique new preservative which is safe for use with all types of contact lenses.On contact with the eye,OXYD breaks down into oxygen,water and sodium chloride,which are natural substances contained in the body. OXYD helps reduce irritation to the eye. THIS PRODUCT HAS NOW BEEN DISCONTINUED SO STOCK IS LIMITED
Polyvinyl alcohol 30mg (active ingredient),OXYD 0.6mg,disodium edetate 0.1mg per ml isotonic and buffered sterile solution
Contact your doctor or pharmacist is symptoms persist or worsen for more than 2 days.Keep out of reach of children.For external use only. Discard bottle 90 days after opening.Store below 25C

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