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Travel Health

Browse all your travel essentials and get complete travelcare supplies online or visit our Auckland NZ pharmacy.

Travel Health

  1. Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger (Nausea Relief) 45 tablets
  2. Blis Travel Protect 10+ Pre-Travel lozenges plus 20+ Maintenance lozenges
  3. Hand Sanitiser I'essentiel 250ml

    Hand Sanitiser I'essentiel 250ml

    NZ$15.00 - NZ$12.00
  4. NO-JET-LAG (32s)

    NO-JET-LAG (32s)

  5. Oasis Water Purification tablets 50s
  6. Scholl Flight Socks

    Scholl Flight Socks

  7. Sea Bands (1 pair)

    Sea Bands (1 pair)