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Nicorette Icy Mint Gum 4mg 15s

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Each chewing gum piece contains 4 mg nicotine.
Nicorette gum is a stop smoking aid that effectively relieves nicotine craving and withdrawal smptoms:
•in smokers motivated to quit smoking
•during times when smoking is not permitted
•between cigarettes in smokers unable or unwilling to quit.
To quit smoking:
Weeks 1-12
Use 1 piece when there is an
urge to smoke.
After 12 weeks
Graduallly reduce to 1-2 pieces
a day and then stop use.
Temporary abstinence or smoking reduction.
Use as required during smoke-free periods or to prolong smoke-free periods.
Usual dose 8-12 pieces a day. Use no more than 24 pieces of gum a day.
Read the package insert for detailed directions for use.

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