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Omron NEC-801 Nebuliser

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NZ$226.00 - NZ$199.99


 Omron NEC-801 Compressor Nebuliser

A must have if someone in your family have asthma, allergies and respiratory disorders. Saves youtime, gives you piece of mind and the convenience to do it your self at your own home or take it away during your travel. Gone are the days when you have to carry around a heavy nebuliser. 

The Omron NEC-801 is the smallest and lightest on the market and still efficiently delivers your medication due to OMrons advanced engineering.

Special features 

  •  Compact and easy to use
  • Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T)
  • Safe and easy to clean
  • Small partilcle size of 3um MMAD
  • LightWeight 270g
  • Quiet
  • Includes carry case with accessory compartment
  • AC adapter


Simple to use, you can watch the full instructional video from Omron healthcare NZ

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