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Snoreeze Snoring Relief Throat Spray (Up to 50 nights usage) 23.5ml

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Which Snoreeze product is for you? The Snoreeze system helps you manage your snoring by matching products to your condition and your lifestyle. *For snoring caused by Dehydration of your throat use-Throat spray,Oral strips,lozenges *For snoring caused by Nasal Congestion use-Nasal spray,Nasal strips *For loud snoring and other symptoms associated with obstructive sleep Apnoea use- oral devices. What makes your snore?Snoring occurs when the airway structure and soft tissue relaxes.As we breathe,this tissues dehydrates and vibrates,producing the sound we know as snoring. How does Snoreeze Throat Spray work? Snoreeze Throat Spray targets the main cause of snoring:dehydration and vibration of the soft tissue of the throat. New thermo-gel formula with microspheres. Snoreeze Throat Spray is a thermo-gel formula that changes consistency and texture in response to your natural body warmth.It thickens to ensure the microspheres encapsulating the key ingredients stay where they are most effective-soothing and lubricating the throat for up to 8 hours. Using Snoreeze Throat Spray is simple: 1) Shake bottle each time before use. 2) Spray towards back of throat. Just 3 applications of fresh minty-tasting Snoreeze Throat Spray before bedtime delivers long-lasting snoring relief tonight and every night.
Aqua,Poloxamer 407,Sorbitan stearate,polysorbate 60, glycerol,peppermint oil,hydrochloric acid,calcium citrate,potassium sorbate,sodium benzoate,tocopheryl acetate.
For oral use only.Keep out of reach of small children.Spray pump contains small parts. Snoreeze Throat Spray should be used at room temperature. Snoreeze recommends that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should contact your doctor before use. Snoreeze Throat Spray is not intended to treat Sleep Apnoea,please consult your doctor if you suspect you suffer from this condition.

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