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Sumagran 50mg 2 Tablets (Pharmacist Only Medicine)

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This is a "Pharmacist Only" Medicine. By Ordering this product I acknowledge that I have read and understand the information regarding the product and agree to use it solely for my personal use. I agree to use it strictly as directed and if symptoms persist or if I suffer any adverse effect I will contact my doctor or pharmacist immediately.

Sumatriptan Arrow 50mg 2 tablets

For fast effective migraine relief

Sumatriptan Arrow 50mg 2 tablets

Special Features
Acute relief of migraine attack with or without aura

Sumatriptan Arrow 50mg 2 tablets

Sumatriptan (succinate) 50mg


Take one tablet at the first sign of a migraine attack. If your symptoms improve but return later, you may take ONE more tablet. Wait at least 2 hours after the first tablet was taken. DO NOT take more than 2 tablets for the same migraine attack.
If Sumagran Active is not effective for relieving your migraine symptoms do not take another tablet for this attack.
Swallow each tablet whole with a glass of water.
Adverse Effects
dizziness; drowsiness; elevated BP; dyspnoea; flushing; heavy, hot, cold, pressure, tight sensations; pain; weakness; fatigue; sensory disturbance including paraesthesia; GI upset (possible); medication overuse headache, tremor, dystonia

Sumatriptan Arrow 50mg 2 tablets

Warning and Precautions

Contact with the eyes should be avoided.
Pregnancy and Lactation: To be used under medical guidance
Interaction with other medicaments and other forms of interaction: Crystacide cream is incompatible with iodine, permanganates and other strong oxidising agents.

Pharmacist only

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