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Tamiflu 75mg 10 capsules

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To Purchase Tamiflu Online you must have a prescription written by a NZ registered doctor. The prescription can be faxed to us but the original must be posted to us after you have finish your online payment so that our pharmacist can processed your prescription in our dispensary.

Note your prescription medicines will not be delivered until the original prescription is in the possession of our pharmacist







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Tamiflu can only be sold with a Face to Face consultation From the 1st May to 30th September each year if you

present to the pharmacist with influenza symptoms .

We accept prescriptions anytime which we can courier to your address.

Tamiflu 75mg 10 capsules

The 2009 Influenza season is fast approaching. Now you can take Tamiflu for the prevention of the swine flu as well as the Avian Bird Flu

From the 1st May to 30th September, pharmacists in New Zealand may sell and over counter prescribe Tamiflu for the TREATMENT of INFLUENZA for patients 12 years and older who present to pharmacists with early influenza symptoms without a Prescription

Tamiflu can be use as a prevention when travelling to North America & Mexico due to outbreak.

Early detection of Swine flu or influenza symptoms can be treated with Tamiflu as indicated by Roger Morris,

Here is some common symptoms to distinguished between the common cold and influenza


Generally these symptoms can last for upto 14 days.

You read about influenza in more complete details here

Tamiflu 75mg 10 capsules

Special Features

Tamiflu is antiviral agent know as a selective neuraminidase inhibitor prodrug for the treatment and prevention of influenza in adults and children from 1 year of age

Roche NZ has announced Tamiflu Suspensionis is currrently out of stock

Follow the steps below to make your own Tamiflu Liquid for your child

Adapted from Roche data sheet which you can download here

Tamiflu oral liquid can be made up using this method for young children or anyone who cannot swallow the capsule. To get the correct dose please read the dosge require according to the weight of your child in the tables below, essentially one table is for treatment and the other is for prevention.


Treating the Flu
Usual dose of Tamiflu for Children 1 year and older


Preventing the Flu
Usual dose of Tamiflu for Children 1 year and older


How to make your own Tamiflu Oral liquid

Tamiflu oral liquid can be made up using this method for young children or anyone who cannot swallow the capsule.
Children (1 year and older)

1. Hold one Tamiflu 75 mg capsule over a small bowl, carefully pull the capsule open and pour the powder into the bowl.

2. Using a graduated syringe, add 5 mL water to the powder. Stir for about two minutes.

3. Draw up into the syringe the correct amount of mixture from the bowl (as per this table below).


The recommended dose is body weight dependent (see tables 1 & 2 above).
Push down on the plunger of the syringe, to empty its entire contents into a second bowl. Discard any unused mixture

4. In the second bowl, add a suitable, small amount (1 teaspoon maximum) of sweetened food product such as regular or sugar-free chocolate syrup, honey (only for children two years or older), light brown or table sugar dissolved in water, dessert toppings, sweetened condensed milk, apple sauce or yogurt to the mixture to mask the bitter taste of the medication.

5. Stir this mixture well and give the entire contents of the second bowl to the patient. This mixture must be swallowed immediately after its preparation. If there is some mixture left inside the bowl, rinse the bowl with a small amount of water and have the patient drink this remaining mixture.

Comprehensive details of Tamiflu capsules

Tamiflu 75mg 10 capsules


Oseltamivir phosphate 75mg capsule

grey/light yellow, marked ROCHE and 75mg; gluten free.


It is important to begin treatment with Tamiflu as soon as you can after you feel the first signs of influenza symptoms. Tamiflu is most effective if started within 2 days of the onset of symptoms.

May be taken with or without food.

Treatment: Take ONE capsule twice a day for 5 days (in the morning and evening) preferably with food. It is important that you complete the entire treatment course even if you start to feel better half way through

Prevention: Take One capsule once daily for 10 days (safety and efficacy demonstrated for up to 6 weeks in patients 13 years and older) commencing within 2 days or 48 hours of exposure.

Patients 3 years, children > 40 kg: One capsule once daily.

Treatment in patients with Renal impairment (ClCr 10-30 ml/min): One capsule once daily for 5 days.

Prevention in patients with Renal impairment (ClCr 10-30 ml/min): One capsule every other day.

Tamiflu 75mg 10 capsules

Adverse Effects


Gastrointestinal upset; headache; fatigue; epistaxis, ear disorder, conjunctivitis (children); vertigo
Rare: hypersensitivity incl rash, anaphylaxis, facial oedema; GI bleeding esp haemorrhagic colitis.

Very rare: hepatitis; elevated LFTs; severe skin reactions.
Unknown frequency: neuropsychiatric events, e.g. convulsions, delirium (possible);

others, see full Prescribing information here

Tamiflu 75mg 10 capsules

Warning and Precautions

Monitor for abnormal behaviour; renal impairment; hereditary fructose intolerance (susp); dialysis; pregnancy, lactation, adolescents, children.



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