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The original ANTISNOR Acupressure Ring (Medium Size)

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The Antisnor Ring is worn on the small finger of the left hand between the knuckle and second joint with the V-shape pressure points of the ring on the palm side towards the inside edge of the finger. *Activates the traditional acupressure point on the meridian channel to help maintain NORMAL BREATHING and RESTFUL SLEEP. Fitting instructions: The material used to make the ANTISNOR Ring is formulated for a custom adjustment and comfortable fit.When applying the ring to your finger you may need to open the diameter of the ring for a better fitment to your finger. To adjust the ring size,push the ring onto the ring sizer in the center of the travel case. NB:Repeated adjustment will make the metal harden.Keep sizing adjustment to a minimum. BONUS travel safe capsule with ring size adjuster.
316L Stainless Steel
Keep out of reach of small children.Use only as directed.If symptoms persist see your doctor.

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