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Urofem D-Mannose 1000mg Tablets 50

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Urofem D-mannose 1000mg 50s

Aim to be urinary tract imbalance Free. Treats UTI (urinary tract infection) and also a preventative by maintaining healthy bacteria balance. Recurrent UTI can cause pain and discomfort and reduction in quality of life which can lead to complications including kidney infection and drug reisistant. A course of antibiotics for UTI can triple the risk of a secondary fungal infection or thrush

Features and Benefits

  • Clinically proven 
  • Non-antibiotic
  • Non-toxic to cells by preventing the bacteria from sticking to the cell wall and are naturally flushed away
  • Urofem D-Mannose 2g/day is as effective as nitrofurantoin 50mg/day. Urofem D-mannose is also more effective then trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole


Take TWO Urofem tablets per day as prophylaxis
Take THREE Urofem tablets per day as treatment.


Dietary supplement available without prescription from pharmacy
pure D-mannose 1000mg
We recommend you see your healthcare professional if you are currently suffering from UTI

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